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Get a Bail Bond for DUI Charges

Turn to Harvey Handler Bail Bonds for bail bond services in Columbus, OH

Don't let a loved one's DUI charge put a dent in your finances. Between court costs, bail costs, potential fines and even car repair costs, you may be wondering how you're going to pay for everything. Harvey Handler Bail Bonds offers bail bond services for residents in Columbus, OH.

The bail bond amount can depend on various factors, such as the offender's past driving record, previous DUI charges and the severity of the offense. Get your friend or family member out of jail without straining your wallet. Call 614-897-0100 now to get assistance with DUI bail bonds.

We want to help your loved one get back on their feet

At Harvey Handler Bail Bonds, we understand that people make mistakes. Maybe your family member had one beer too many at a celebration-that doesn't mean they should be stuck behind bars for weeks or months leading up to their court date. We offer flexible payment plans for our DUI bail bonds to make them more affordable for residents in Columbus, OH. Call us anytime, 24/7, to get the help you need.

Arrange for bail bond services with Harvey Handler Bail Bonds today.