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Getting Caught With Illegal Weapons Is a Nightmare

Let our bail bonds experts in Columbus, OH help

Has your loved one been charged with the possession of illegal weapons? Help them gain their freedom by consulting with a bail bonds agent. Harvey Handler Bail Bonds helps individuals with concealed weapon charges make bail in order to handle their case.

Our goal is to provide your friend with the freedom they need to find a lawyer and put this case behind them. Call now to speak with a bail bonds agent in Columbus, OH.

Is your loved one in jail for possessing a concealed weapon?

Individuals who obtain weapons illegally could face several years in prison. Because of the severity, working with a bail bonds expert is recommended. We'll go above and beyond to:

  • Provide trustworthy information
  • Help your loved one gain their freedom
  • Provide a quick and effective service

If your loved one needs bail bonds for a concealed weapon charge in Columbus, OH, call now to speak with one of our agents.