bail bonds columbus oh

Think Bail Bonds Are Too Expensive? Think Again.

Pay back your bond in Columbus, OH with affordable payment options

If you can't afford to post bail for your loved one, you should turn to Harvey Handler Bail Bonds for fast, affordable bail bond services. We can discuss your payment options over the phone, by email or in person. Once we've arranged the bail bond, we'll post it right away to release your loved one from jail as soon as possible.

We've made the application process simple for residents in the Columbus, Ohio area. Just follow these four steps:

  • Call 614-897-0100 now. We'll discuss your loved one's situation and bail amount.
  • Answer some easy questions. You can email or fax us the paperwork when you're done.
  • Pay for the bond. We accept major credit cards, cash and wire transfers.
  • Post bail for your loved one. Your loved one will be home the same day.

Don't worry if you can't pay the total amount up front-we offer payment plans. Get started by calling Harvey Handler Bail Bonds at 614-897-0100 now.

Find out if you qualify for financing

Bail is a heavy financial burden for many Columbus, OH residents. Fortunately, Harvey Handler Bail Bonds offers 0% interest financing to make your bail bond payments affordable. We'll discuss your fees up front so there will be no surprises.

To find out if you qualify for financing, call 614-897-0100 now to speak with a bail bondsman at Harvey Handler Bail Bonds.