bail bondsman for misdemeanors columbus oh

Don't Spend the Night in Jail Because of a Bad Decision

A bail bondsman for misdemeanors in Columbus, OH can bail you out

If you had to choose between waiting for your court date in jail or at home, which would you choose? It sounds obvious, right? Unfortunately, not many Columbus, OH residents can afford to post bail. But when you call a bail bondsman for misdemeanors, you can get out of jail fast. Harvey Handler Bail Bonds will send a bail bondsman to meet with you for prostitution or any other misdemeanor charge.

Contact us anytime to arrange a bail bond.

Are you facing the following charges?

A bail bondsman for misdemeanors can help you if you're being charged with...

  • A driving-related offense: Suspended license | DUI | Reckless driving
  • A criminal offense: Petty theft | Shoplifting | Solicitation
  • A sexual-based offense: Prostitution | Domestic violence
  • An infraction: Probation violation | Public intoxication

Don't wait any longer to get in touch with a bail bondsman for prostitution, reckless driving or other misdemeanor charge. Get a bail bond in Columbus, OH by calling 614-897-0100 now.